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2004 No Wine Shop

Philadelphia Alcohol Billboard Ban

Stop Liquor Ads on NBC

2002 Community Partners

2001 Swisher Ain't Sweet

1999 Marlboro Mild

1998 African Amer. & Tobacco Settlement

1998 African Amer. Tobacco Ind. Lawsuit

1997 Say No to Menthol Joe

1996 Hands off Halloween

1995 X Cigarette

1994 World No Tobacco Day Activities

1993 Defeat of PowerMaster Malt Liquor

1990Uptown Coalition

To mobilize communities to live a healthy lifestyle, promote positive community and self images, and to foster environments free of health disparities.

The new NAAAPI Environmental Tobacco Smoke (ETS) program called “Breathe Free” is now ready for prime time. The program includes a 16-page booklet, with five 30-second announcer-read radio public service announcements, one 30-second television public service announcement and support materials.

Check out the Breathe Free web site here!


Warrior, Writer, Entrepreneur
1947 - 2004

Family, friends, and the Public Health and Activist Communities mourn the death of Charyn D. Sutton who succumbed to cancer on Thursday, December 30, 2004. For more information please follow this link.

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An Intelligence Briefing is a NAAAPI report designed to provide you with in-depth information on a particular topic or event. Check out the Intelligence Briefing on Liquid Zoo cigarettes.

A federal appeals court has upheld a lower court's dismissal of the landmark Menthol lawsuit. > MORE

Check out issues of the NAAAPI newsletter, Words to the Wise, available on the website. > MORE

Meet the NAAAPI Staff

Alcohol Advocacy:
Penslyvania Field Office -
The Center on Alcohol Marketing and Youth

NAAAPI is currently conducting a membership drive for organizations and individual members.
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NAAAPI was recognized as a "Model of Success" by David Walsh, President, National Institute for Media and the Family.

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