2004 No Wine Shop

2003 Philadelphia Alcohol Billboard Ban

Stop Liquor Ads on NBC

2002 Community Partners

Swisher Ain't Sweet

Marlboro Mild

1998 African Amer. & Tobacco Settlement

1998 African Amer. Tobacco Ind. Lawsuit

1997 Say No to Menthol Joe

1996 Hands off Halloween

1995 X Cigarette

1994 World No Tobacco Day Activities

1993 Defeat of PowerMaster Malt Liquor

1990 Uptown Coalition



Alice M. Dixon
Director of Operations

Alice M. Dixon is Director of Operations for the National Association of African Americans for Positive Imagery (NAAAPI), a national non-profit organization based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. NAAAPI has as its mission the mobilization of African American communities throughout the United States in the promotion of positive self-determination and good health. Since its inception in 1992, much of NAAAPI's focus has been in the prevention of tobacco use and alcohol abuse.

Dixon brings to her position nearly a quarter-century of work in non-profit senior level management. Most of her work has been with organizations that serve low-income, disadvantaged and minority populations with housing, employment and training, and skill development. She is the responsible for authoring and subsequently managing the City of Philadelphia's $5-million Dislocated Workers Project - the first such in the Nation.

Prior to joining NAAAPI, Dixon was Director of Emergency Services of the South Eastern Division of the American Red Cross. In that position, Dixon managed hundreds of paid and unpaid staff out-stationed at locations throughout the 5-county Philadelphia region as they responded to fires, floods and other disasters. In that capacity, Ms. Dixon regularly testified before City council and was featured in various media venues.

Dixon also served as Vice President of Opportunities Industrialization Center (OIC) in Philadelphia, the flagship operation of several hundred job training centers throughout the world. As such, Dixon directed and managed employment projects funded with federal, state, local, corporate and foundation funding.

Since coming to NAAAPI, Dixon has been responsible for ensuring that NAAAPI's infrastucture adhered to the strictest standards of non-profit accountability. As Director, she has authored grants that have thus far, gained more than $1 million in revenues. Her most recent direction of projects includes the NAAAPI Community Partners' Program that provided tobacco and alcohol advocates with grants that allowed them to expand and enhance health education initiatives within their communities. Currently, Dixon is coordinating NAAAPI's first membership drive, restructuring the board of directors and creating operations manuals.

Dixon's other key accomplishments include executive directorship of Trevor's Campaign, a nationally recognized non-profit agency that attended to the homeless. She also served as Director of the Women's Enterprise Resource Center, that assists low-income women start business enterprises as an alternative to traditional employment

Dixon has earned the achievement of being highly recognized as a professional who has the abilities to streamline operations, identify and cultivate financial resources, interface with public and private entities, develop Executive Boards and initiate and manage innovative programming.

Dixon has a Bachelor of Arts degree with honors from Fairleigh Dickinson University and national honors from Phi Epsilon. Her graduate coursework has included both organizational development and business practices at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. In her home community of Yeadon, Pennsylvania, she is active with nonprofit groups that prioritize children. Board memberships have included Head Start (Little Neighborhood Centers), the Youth First Charter School, Precision Marketing, Art Sanctuary and the Delaware County Revitalization Program. Ms. Dixon is also founder of a Book Club that inspires young people to read and has a son who is an engineering major in college.

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