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Zippers Shots

  • Zipper Shots (Zippers) are 24 proof (12% alcohol) pre-packaged gelatin shots. The four available flavors are Vodka Splash, Tequila Tea, Whiskey Drop and Rum Rush. They have a 12-month shelf life.
  • These gelatin shots were first mixed by two friends, Brian Pearson and Nick Costanzo in Genoa, Ohio and introduced to their friends.
  • After a few years of federal, state and local licensing, Zipper Shots hit the market in November 1999.
  • The packaging of the product resembles snack packs made by JELLO © and other food companies.
  • The advertising of the product use soft-porn images.
  • Access to the advertising of the product via the internet is not restricted to people over 21 years old. The website asks for the age of the person, but not proof of age. The Zipper Shots website is: www.zippershot.com.
  • The product is available in grocery and convenience stores in states that allow the sale of alcoholic products in these types of stores.
  • As of April 22, 2002, 20 states sell Zipper Shots in stores. 9 more states may also start selling them.
  • Zipper Shots are a commercialized version of "Jello Shots", which are homemade and consumed by college students. ("Jello Shots" are not a product of the company that makes JELLO © brand gelatin, pudding and pie filling.)

Financial Information

  • FUBAR Corporation, based in Genoa, Ohio, was established in April 1998. They have the exclusive patent and trademark rights to Zippers. However, the product is distributed through BPNC, Inc., based in Toledo, Ohio. (A call to FUBAR Corporation revealed that it no longer exists. BPNC is now the former FUBAR Corp., named for the developers of the product, Brian Pearson and Nick Costanzo. Brian Pearson is the president of BPNC.)
  • Since November 1999, FUBAR/BPNC has sold over 14,000 cases of Zippers with sales over $300,000. FUBAR /BPNC is seeking $1,000,000 of debt financing primarily for advertising materials and a working capital line. They made a presentation to The Venture Club of Louisville in their bid for financing.
  • The company is listed with Dunn and Bradstreet as FUBAR Corp. rather than as BPNC.


  1. To eliminate the accessibility, advertising and promotions of Zippers to underage people.
  2. To seek industry standards that would eliminate the sell, advertising and promotions of the product.
  3. To destroy the ability of BPNC to obtain financing.

Useful Facts

  • Alcohol products which look like food products are attractive to young people
  • The company that markets Zipper Shots is based in Toledo, Ohio. Hope Taft, wife of Ohio Governor Bob Taft, may launch a campaign against the marketing of the product.
  • 40% of 9th graders reported having consumed alcohol before they were 13. (From CADCA Action Alert of 4/22/02 on Zipper Shots).
  • A MADD focus group reports that a deterrent to drinking for students age 9-13 years old is the taste of alcohol. Those who have either sneaked sips or have been given sips by their parents say that the taste is horrible. ("Underage Drinking Prevention for Ages 9-21 and Parents", September 2001)
Suggested Actions
  1. Communicate with high school students and parents about the product as well as educate them about the level of alcohol use on college campuses.

  2. Educate grocery stores, convenience stores, liquor stores, and communities about this product.
  3. Write to BPNC, Inc. about the unregulated access to the website at:

  4. BPNC, Inc.
    333 N. 14th Street, 4th floor
    Toledo, Ohio 432624
    Brian Pearson, President
Useful Quotes
"The blatant disregard for the health of America's children by the alcohol industry must be called into check--and if Congress is deaf, dumb and blind to the problem then alcohol advocates must educate the public and mobilize our communities to this outrage."

Rev. Jesse W. Brown, Jr., Executive Director of NAAAPI


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