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2003 Philadelphia Alcohol Billboard Ban

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2002 Community Partners

Swisher Ain't Sweet

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1998 African Amer. & Tobacco Settlement

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Gallery #2 - Alcohol Ads

Brand Company Type
Bacardi Silver  

Let McDonalds' help you sell
your alcohol

Colt 45  

This billboards was placed in front of a school of elementary age


A bill board of Kahula

Various Beers   Outlet
Their is no escape--No child is lost in the advertising
Various Beers   Outlet
Alcohol advertisements extend beyond traditional media. They also appear in storefronts, where all are able to see them, even little children, as seen in this picture.
Skky Blue   Magazine
A beautiful Black man and woman use their sexuality to entice the younger African American community to indulge in Skky Blue.
Michelob   Bus Shelter
A mother and her two very young children wait for the bus to come at this bus shelter, which happens to have a very sexual advertisement for Michelob beer. Hence, enabling Michelob to sell both sex and alcohol to children.
Bud Light   Bus Shelter
In this Bud Light advertisement, they focus their attention on a younger, hipper, and culturally diverse group. However in this picture the younger crowd of people that appear in the ad look as if they are in their teens.
Michelob   Billboard
These enormous downtown Chicago billboards can be seen from miles away, advertising to everyone from the young to the elderly, and everyone in between.
Hpnotiq   Billboard
An unearthly aquamarine hue, Hpnotiq, 34 proof (17% alcohol by volume), is Gen X and Gen Y’s new mixer of choice.
Zipper Shots Product Packaging
Deceptively packaged to look like an after-school or lunch box snack, “zippers” are actually 24 proof (12% alcohol content). Inside, flavored gelatin masks the alcohol taste. Zipper shots come in flavors such as vodka splash, rum rush, whiskey drop, and tequila tea. They are being marketed in ways to appeal to kids and teens.
PowerMaster Malt Liquor Product Packaging
With its striking red horse image and unique name, the manufacturers of the popular Colt 45 beer thought they had a winner with its new, stronger beer. After receiving complaints from community activist, the federal government decided the “Power” in the brand name referred to an alcoholic content that was 65% higher than regular beer and ordered sales and marketing of PowerMaster to be discontinued in July, 1991.
Seagrams Magazine
These “Control the Night” magazines ads, with stylized Black figures have been appearing throughout African American magazines, in an effort to increase the African American market share of Seagrams Gin.
Tanqueray Magazine
Lawrence Fishbourn, a prominent African American actor is used to advertise Tanqueray in Maxim magazine, as well African American targeted magazines, such as Ebony.
Colt 45 Billboard
A casino cruise, a can of beer, and a woman with a “come hither” look, asking passers-by to call… This advertisement of gambling, alcohol, and sex in a low-income Black community preys on hopes, dreams, and possibilities.
Captain Morgan Magazine
During the golden age of piracy in the late 1600s and early 1700s, some historian’s estimate that nearly one-third of all pirates in the Caribbean were Black—many of them ex-slaves. But this sexy billboard ad for Captain Morgan's spiced rum isn't designed as a history lesson.
Colt 45 Billboard
We can't be sure who is behind the sunglasses, but the billboard continues the seduction theme that has become synonymous with Colt 45. On a daily basis, impressionable children walk past this billboard and others like it, linking sex and alcohol.
Miller Lite Vehicle Wrap
Most outdoor advertising is stationary, but not all. This truck’s sole purpose is to drive around advertising Miller Lite beer. In communities where alcohol billboards have been banned or restricted, these movable boards advertise drinking beer with a movie going experience.
Malt Liquor Neon Sign
In this store case, malt liquors, with an alcohol content of 5.9 percent, shares space with water, juice, soda pop, and other non-alcoholic beverages. But the large-sized neon malt liquor “H” attracts most of the attention.
Coors Light Store Banner
Bar and tavern promotions for alcoholic beverages aren’t confined to inside the premises and persons of legal drinking age. This banner promotes Coors beer to everyone who walks by, including children.
Hennessy Magazine
Hennessy markets cognac, which is a form of liquor that can only be grown and distilled in specific regions of southwest France. This Hennessy advertisement, taken from a Black magazine, target young, hip, African Americans.
Canadian Mist   Magazine
This ad features a beautiful young African American woman with no wedding ring, very little clothes on, and a glass of smooth whiskey. The imagery in this ad, taken from a Black magazine leaves very little to the imagination.

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