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January-February, 2001
Vol. 2 No. 1


According to the Monitoring the Future surveys for 2000, tobacco use is going down in middle and high schools among U.S. teens. Black youth still have the lowest smoking rates of all. To view survey results for tobacco, alcohol, marijuana and other drugs, go to: www.monitoringthefuture.org/

In a multi-year research study, the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center found that a curriculum-based approach to prevent youth smoking did not have any effect by itself in keeping down smoking rates. This study makes the case that a more comprehensive approach is needed—involving families, community groups and mass media, as well as schools.


The Center for Science in the Public Interest has a new fact sheet entitled "Putting Anheuser-Busch's Consumer Responsibility Campaign into Perspective." It's available at:www.cspinet.org/booze/A-B_Campaign.html

The First Weekend Club provides box officesupport for films by African Americans and those that feature African Americans in positive and fully dimensional roles. The more than 35,000 members of the First Weekend Club make it a point to see selected films during the first few days when decisions are made on whether to keep a movie in the theaters. For more information, go to the web site of the Black Hollywood Education and Resource Center at: www.bherc.org or call the hotline at:1-323-957-4747. For the information on movies starring African Americans, visit Black Flix at: www.blackflix.com

Plans are underway for Kick Butts Day on April 4, 2001 with the theme: "Stand Up. Tell Big Tobacco - GAME OVER!" For information on how to get youth in your community involved, call toll-free at:(888) 839-3869 or go online at: http://kickbuttsday.org/

The American Legacy Foundation will bring together members of the steering committees for its six priority population groups at an Intercultural Capstone Meeting later this month. For information on Legacy's priority populations, (a.k.a. special populations)


February 4-6, 2001
2001 Public Policy Conference on Alcohol and Other Drugs
Nat'l Assoc. of Alcoholism & Drug Abuse Counselors
Washington, DC

March 5-10, 2001
Black Administrators in Child Welfare Symposium
Nat'l Conference of the Child Welfare League of America
Washington, DC


The Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids has just released a report on state disbursements for tobacco control entitled: "State Tobacco Settlement: Show Us the Money." It's available online at: tobaccofreekids.org/reports/settlements/.

Researchers at the University of Minnesota have released a new report entitled: "Alcohol Policies in the United States: Highlights from the 50 States" which looks at four major areas of alcohol law: distribution systems, purchase and sales, taxation and drinking and driving.

The "Making A Killing" video on Philip Morris, and global addiction is still available. For more information or to order a copy for your own use, contact the INFACT campaign headquarters at:1-800-688-8797. The INFACT web site is: www.infact.org


NAAAPI is continuing its Membership Drive for affiliates. Organizations that join in 2001 as Charter Members pay a discounted yearly fee of just $25 for 2001. Information and membership forms are available on NAAAPI's web site at:by contacting Carmella Chandler at: info@naaapi.org or 1-610-617-9145.


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