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November 2002
Conference Edition

2002 National Conference on Tobacco or Health
November 19-21, 2002

In this issue:

2002 National Conference on Tobacco or Health

  • African Americans as planners and presenters
  • Conference Sessions
  • Ancillary meetings
  • Press conferences

Your Experience at the 2002 Conference

  • Join NAAAPI

On behalf of the participants of the 2002 NCTOH, NAAAPI sends greetings of health and wellness to Dr. Robert (Bob) Robinson. His presence was sorely missed in San Francisco. We look forward to seeing him in Boston next year.

2002 National Conference on Tobacco or Health

San Francisco, California, part of "The World's Largest Non-Smoking Section", was the site where tobacco control advocates from the United States, Canada, U.S. territories and countries such as Uganda came together on November 19-21 for the 2002 National Conference on Tobacco or Health (NCTOH). The conference theme, "Everyone Counts: Achieving Parity Through Tobacco Control" was a call to recognize the diversity that makes up tobacco control.

Opening Plenary: A Call to Parity
The opening plenary session on November 19 included an introduction to the conference theme by Rod Lew, Director of the Asian Pacific Partners for Empowerment and Leadership (APPEAL). His remarks were followed by a continued call to parity by keynote speaker Makani Themba-Nixon, Executive Director of The Praxis Project. Makani, an African American woman who has been in the fight for tobacco control and prevention for several years, charged advocates to think of parity all the time, not just when diversity is needed for a media event or when there is a funding crisis.

Conference Sessions
All of the conference sessions were organized under the seven National Conference Program Areas:

1. PREVENTION (PREV): Tobacco Use Prevention Among Youth
2. CESSATION (CESS): Cessation, Nicotine and the Science of Addiction
3. POLICY (POLI): Public Policy and Advocacy Strategies
4. DIVERSITY/DISPARITIES (D&D): Increasing Diversity/Eliminating Disparities
5. COMPREHENSIVE (COMP): Comprehensive Tobacco Control Program or Combined Strategies
6. MEDIA (MEDI): Media and Communications Strategies
7. EVALUATION (EVAL): Evaluation and Surveillance

African Americans as Planners and Presenters
There were fifteen (15) African Americans presenters in at least 22 sessions, representing each conference program category. At least twelve (12) African Americans were members of each category's subcommittee that was part of the planning committee except cessation. Several also reviewed abstracts that were submitted for the conference. This represents a significant increase in African American participation both as planners and presenters compared to previous conferences.

Ancillary Meetings
Several ancillary meetings were held during the conference that were hosted by African American tobacco control organization such as:

NAAAPI hosted two ancillary meetings. The first was "Clergy for Tobacco Settlement Justice" on Monday, November 18. In this meeting, Reverend Jesse Brown, Executive Director of NAAAPI laid the groundwork for future dialogue among clergy and lay persons to develop strategies for the use of tobacco settlement dollars to maximize the impact on tobacco use prevention. He stated that clergy have an ethical responsibility and the influence to improve the health of communities.

The second NAAAPI meeting on Tuesday, November 19, entitled "Leaders in Tobacco Control and the African American Community" offered a networking opportunity for African Americans at the conference. Carmella Chandler, Use Prevention Specialist with NAAAPI, showcased the NAAAPI "Breathe Free" Project made possible by a 3-year grant from the American Legacy Foundation. She explained that "Breathe Free" will be the first program to address secondhand smoke and the African American community that will be tested. Alice Dixon, Director of Operations for NAAAPI shared the benefits of being a member of NAAAPI, noting that membership can be as little as $25 and as much as someone wants to contribute.

During the second meeting, NAAAPI also provided opportunities for other national African American tobacco control organizations to present themselves to the veterans or introduce themselves to the new advocates. These groups included the National African American Tobacco Prevention Network (NAATPN) headed by Sherrie Watson-Hyde, the National African American Tobacco Education Network (NAATEN) headed by Pamela Jones and the National Tobacco Independence Campaign (NTIC) headed by Mildred Morse. Rev. Brown also introduced the Black Clergy for Substance Abuse Prevention (BCSAP) headed by Bishop S.C. Carthen. (Bishop Carthen had a prior commitment with a youth group from his church.). William (Bill) Robinson, Board Chairperson of NAATPN and Pam Jones shared that a Declaration of Cooperation was signed by the above five organizations in July 2002. This declaration demonstrates a commitment on the part of each organization to work together and share resources to advance the cause of the African American community in becoming tobacco free.

Mildred Morse, Executive Director of NTIC hosted "The Idea Factory" - A Community Resource during a lunch meeting on Tuesday, November 19. NTIC hosted the meeting with the collaboration of the University of Florida College of Medicine, Patient Support International and the National Association of Addiction and Drug Abuse Counselors (NAADAC) with support from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Together they presented ways to disseminate science-based tobacco control information to the public and improve tobacco control service delivery among priority populations at the community level.

NAATPN, NAATEN, BCSAP and The Praxis Project
On Thursday, November 21 at 6:30am, a Prayer Breakfast entitled, "In Peace, Reflection and Thanksgiving" was hosted by NAATPN, BCSAP, NAATEN and the Praxis Project. Youth from metro Master's Commission provide several musical selections throughout the breakfast. Brenda Bell Caffee, CEO of Caffee, Caffee and Associates, talked about the importance of maintaining relationships in the movement. Noting the November 2001 passing of African American tobacco control advocate Reverend Sylvia Farmer Drew, Brenda commented on Reverend Drew's desire build and maintain relationships. Even as she faced surgery, Reverend Drew talked with African American leaders in tobacco control about the need to stay united.

Bishop Carthen addressed the breakfast with a passage from the Old Testament in which the Prophet Isaiah asked God, through prayer, to maintain the cause of Israel against it's enemies. Participants offered names of people, organizations and causes for which they wanted prayer. Bishop Carthen closed the breakfast with a prayer for the request that were offered.

The Praxis Project
Two post conference ancillary meetings were hosted by Makani Themba-Nixon of The Praxis Project on Friday, November 22. The morning meeting was a training entitled " Tobacco Control Policy Advocacy from the Ground Up: Strategic Use of Community Organizing and Media". The training was designed to help participants learn ways of framing tobacco control as a social justice issue, fundamentals of diverse base building and principles of effective communication to support community-based policy and advocacy.

The afternoon meeting was a workshop for groups interested in applying for grants through the Policy Advocacy on Tobacco and Health (PATH) Initiative. The program is a partnership between the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the Praxis Project to provide technical assistance, training and 24 month grants to local, geographic community groups serving and working in communities of color.

Press Conferences
A press conference on African Americans and the impact of the tobacco industry was held on Wednesday, November 20. Valerie Yerger and Ruth Malone, PhD, researchers from the University of California at San Francisco presented information from a research paper they compiled revealing that the tobacco industry courted African American leadership to defuse anti-tobacco efforts and to snare Black and Latino smokers. Ms. Yerger and Dr. Malone will have their research paper published in the December issue of the journal Tobacco Control. Articles that covered the press conference can be found in:


The Oakland Tribune, November 20, 2002 at this link.

Your Experience at the Conference

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