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November-December 2000
Vol.1 No. 2

In this issue:



New Federal Law Strengthens State DUI Laws
On October 23, 2000, President Clinton signed H.R. 4475. The law requires states to set the blood-alcohol concentration (BAC) at 0.8 as a national minimum for driving under the influence (DUI) or lose federal highway funds. Clinton first called for the 0.8 limit in 1998. At the signing, he credited Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) with convincing members of Congress to pass the legislation against the strong opposition of the alcohol beverage companies. Eighteen states already meet the new standard. Other states have four years to lower the BAC to .08 before any funds are jeopardized. The final deadline for compliance is 2007.

Chicago Sun Times Article

State DUI Laws

Spike Lee Pushes the Envelope on Media Stereotypes
The buzz has already started about Spike Lee's new satirical movie -- "Bamboozled -- about imagery and how Black folks are portrayed in mass media. Lee has called much of Black sitcom television and rap music a modern day Black minstrel show that denigrates African Americans and uses this movie to dramatize his feelings. Bamboozled is the fictional story of "Mantan the New Millennium Minstrel Show," a successful TV comedy that stereotypes Black men as lazy and shiftless. The movie opened in New York and Los Angeles on October 6 and will begin its national run on November 20.

Africana.com has had several articles on the movie and a recent interview with Spike Lee:

Bamboozled: Collision of Ideas in a Galaxy of Satire

Spike Lee Opens Up

Review of the Bamboozled Sound Track

Here are some additional reviews and interviews:

Review of Bamboozled

Interview with Spike Lee


A Message from Coach Powell
The Coach Powell Youth Academy will be part of the 14th Annual Conference -- "Counseling & Treating People of Colour: An International Perspective." The conference takes place in San Juan, Puerto Rico, December 3-6, 2000. The youth academy is designed to develop peer leadership, drug and violence prevention skills, and cultural understanding for youth ages 13 to 20. Alfred "Coach" Powell is the author of Message in Bottle—40 oz. Scandal, Volumes 1 & 2. For more information, contact Edie Lundgren at 631-444-8361.

For Real—A New Web Site from Reality Check
In 1996, the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services launched a campaign called "Reality Check" with information about marijuana for parents and other adults who work with youth. Now, there's a new web site with marijuana information that was designed for youth by youth. It's called "For Real" and uses the tag line: "Real people. Real life. Real marijuana information." To learn more about "For Real," go to: http://www.health.org/reality/whatsnew2000/forreal.htm

The Grim Reaper Returns
A group of talented rappers who call themselves "Black Shadows" won NAAAPI's Grim Reaper Rap Contest. The trio hails from the Millennium Community Outreach Institute in Baltimore, MD. They'll be performing at the 2nd Annual Pennsylvania African American Tobacco Control Conference on November 13, 2000 in Bryn Mawr, near Philadelphia.


November 13-14
Establishing a Legacy for Living
2nd Annual African American Tobacco Conference
Bryn Mawr, PA
Tel: 717-533-4718

November 16
23rd Annual Great American Smoke-Out
American Cancer Society
Tel: 800-ACS-2345

December 3-6
14th Annual Conference
Counseling & Treating People of Colour:
An International Perspective
San Juan, Puerto Rico
HRDI is handling registrations
Contact: Martina Jones
Tel: 312-441-9009

December 6-8, 2000
National Leadership Forum XI
Transforming Communities:
The Future of Community Coalitions
Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America
Washington, DC
Contact: Ronald Dixon at rdixon@cadca.org
Tel: 703-706-0560, ext. 231
URL: www.cadca.org/forum/index.htm

December 9
International Candlelight Vigil of Remembrance and Hope
Mothers Against Drunk Driving
San Diego, CA
Tel: 214-744-6233, ext. 264


"Breathing Free" ETS Booklet
NAAAPI has sample copies of "Breathing Free: Secondhand Smoke & African Americans" and accompanying announcer-read radio public service announcements. The culturally- appropriate booklet addresses environmental tobacco smoke (ETS) issues from an African American perspective. We are seeking funds to test the concepts in various Black communities. If you are interested in reviewing the booklet and getting involved with the pilot project, send an e-mail to info@naaapi.org or call Carmella Chandler at 610-617-9145. Remember, the theme for World No Tobacco Day 2001 is Clean Indoor Air.

"Making a Killing" Video
INFACT has released a new video on the transnational tobacco companies and how they market to kids around the world. The video is called "Making a Killing: Philip Morris, Kraft and Global Tobacco Addiction." It includes discussion of the targeted marketing of tobacco products to people of color by two African American advertising & marketing professionals. The Uptown Coalition for Tobacco Control & Public Health screened the video last month. For information on where the film is being screened or to order a copy for your own use, contact INFACT's campaign headquarters at 1-800-688-8797. The INFACT web site is www.infact.org

The "Afya Uhuru" Newsletter
The National African American Tobacco Prevention Network (NAATPN) has a new online newsletter called "Afya Uhuru." The name comes from two Swahili terms -- "Afya" meaning "healthy" and "Uhuru" meaning freedom. Sandee Headen is the executive director of the Network and Sherri Hyde is the newsletter editor.


NAAAPI Membership Drive
The National Association of African Americans for Positive Imagery (NAAAPI) is continuing its membership drive for individual members and organization affiliates. Discounts are available through December 31, 2000. Information and membership forms for individuals and affiliated organizations and coalitions are available on NAAAPI's web site: by contacting Carmella Chandler at info@naaapi.org (e-mail) or 610-617-9145 (phone).

NAAAPI'S Nzuri Project -- Alcohol Abuse Prevention
NAAAPI is building a national network of organizations involved in alcohol abuse prevention in the African American community -- either as a stand-alone issue or in conjunction with tobacco use, drug abuse, youth service and/or violence prevention. The network is a key element of the Nzuri project, a three-year initiative (1998-2001) funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. (Nzuri means "good" in Swahili.)

A New Look for NAAAPI Online
NAAAPI's Web Site is undergoing some cosmetic surgery. Our new look is due to debut on or about December 1, 2000. If there's anything you think we should include, just let us know.


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