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Warrior, Writer, Entrepreneur
1947 - 2004

Family, friends, and the Public Health and Activist Communities mourn the death of Charyn D. Sutton who succumbed to cancer on Thursday, December 30, 2004. Charyn had been a communications consultant since 1984. Her areas of concentration include health care, disease control and prevention, youth services, criminal justice, community-based economic development and consumer services, with a focus on reaching racially and economically diverse audiences and constituencies. Under her direction, Onyx staff and consultants have worked extensively in the area of tobacco prevention and control – facilitating focus groups, providing technical assistance in the development of local coalitions, organizing conferences, providing skills training, writing and editing manuals, and developing mass media campaigns.

Charyn served as the media coordinator for the successful community-based effort in 1990 that prevented the introduction of "Uptown," a cigarette brand designed specifically for African Americans. She was a founding member of the Uptown Coalition for Tobacco Control and Public Health and of the National Association of African Americans for Positive Imagery (NAAAPI). She coordinated the Quit Today! Media Project that focused on smoking cessation for African Americans using radio, and was one of the authors of Pathways to Freedom: Winning the Fight against Tobacco, an African American quit smoking and community mobilization guide. She was a contributing author to the 1998 Surgeon General’s Report that looked at smoking and racial/ethnic minorities. Charyn was also the architect and primary author of Breathe Free, a booklet designed to help families and communities deal with the issue of secondhand tobacco smoke – especially in African-American households.

Charyn previously served as Director of marketing communications for the National Office of Big Brothers/Big Sisters of America and developed Pass It On, a nationally-recognized program of outreach to volunteers in communities of color. She won awards for her media work in AIDS prevention and elder abuse prevention. She was Director of Public and Community Information for the Office of Employment and Training, City of Philadelphia; Mid-Atlantic Regional Public Information Coordinator for the 1980 Census, U.S. Department of Commerce; Press Secretary for the Attorney General of Pennsylvania; Communications Director for Planned Parenthood of Southeastern Pennsylvania; and Communications Director for Opportunities Industrialization Centers (OICs) of America.

Charyn had been a reporter and feature writer for several major newspapers, including the Philadelphia Bulletin, Philadelphia Inquirer, Wilmington (Del.) News-Journal, and the Detroit Free Press. Her news and feature articles led to state funding for a sickle cell anemia program at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, special outreach programs for Latino migrant workers in Delaware, and the establishment of a national adoption program based in Philadelphia for special needs children. She was the former editor of the State of Black Philadelphia, published by the Urban League of Philadelphia, and edited Grio: The Praise Singer, a multicultural magazine for elementary and secondary school students.

Charyn was a magna cum laude graduate of Lincoln University in Pennsylvania and attended the Temple University Graduate School of Communications and Theater, with a major in journalism. Her passion, intellectual prowess and friendship will be greatly missed.

Charyn is survived by her son Kamal Hoagland, grandson Christopher Hoagland, her mother Martha Sutton, brother and sister-in-law Charles & Kathy Sutton.



A memorial service will be held Saturday, February 5, 2005, 10 AM.

Oxford Presbyterian Church
8501 Stenton Avenue (Stenton & Gowen Avenues)
Philadelphia, PA 19150


The Rev. Ethelyn Taylor, Pastor

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